Smoky dark eye make up is classic, stylish look that is perfect for an evening event. Nowadays nothing is more stylish than this. If you want to be a master in making your eyes smoky, then you have come to a right place.

Here are some tips to help you do smoky eyes.
First before starting your smoky eye, determine which eye shadows complement your eye color. Don’t leave any gap in your liner, blend it.

Sweep a light shimmery bone or white shadow all over your lid area from lash lines up to brows. This will act as a base to the darker shadow and also boost your brow bone structure.

With a small eye shadow brush or a q-tip, soften the edges of the eye pencil line. Apply your dark eye shadow. Brush it across your lids and blend well. Extend the eye shadow slightly past your outer corners to create the illusion of long, almond eyes. If you make any mistakes, just use a cotton swap dipped in makeup remover to erase the flub.

Now apply mascara and use a lash comb to get perfectly fanned out lashes.

For an intensely smoky eye, dip a Flathead eyeliner brush into classic black liquid eyeliner and push it into the lash line. Do the same with black powder eye shadow. Layering your liner with different formulations (pencil, powder, liquid) will give your look staying power.

By applying these simple tips of smoky eye makeup, you can be a master of it.

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