Mehndi beautifies the hands. In any occasion, without mehndi there is incompleteness. Mehndi completes the girls’ sola singhar. In muslims mehndi is usually applied on eids, weddings and other celebrations. In hindues mehnid is applied on weddding and on ther festivels as Karva Chouth, diwali, Bhaidooj and teej. Mehndi is a way of celebrating so it is an important part of different events.

Mehndi Designs are not only for the hands, it is also used to decorate the feet, neck, back,  legs, belly other parts of the body. In the design of Mehndi, different shapes are made. Designs for the Hands are in different and beautiful styles.

According to different cultural background mehndi (HEENA) has different types and styles. Most famous types of mehndi designs are Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and African. Here is some information about different types of mehndi designs. And you can find the designs of each and every type on our blog.

Indian Mehndi Design:

Indian mehndi is the most popular, designs are very different. They range from simple designs to complex. Simple designs have a big dot. Finger tips are also covered by mehndi. These designs are very easy and can easily be mastered by armatures. They take very short time to be made and to be dried as well.

Complex designs include fine and heavy designs. Such designs are sketched on important occasions like wedding, nikah etc. Such designs are hard to master and they can take hours just to finish one hand’s design. Mostly such mehndi designs are worn by Indian brides.

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic designs are much simpler. Arabic designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. These designs are perfect applicant if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg. Arabic Mehndi designs are most popular in especially Asian women in all over the world. Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand are most attractive and cute

African Mehndi Designs:

These mehndi designs are not filled. These designs are simple geometric shapes, consisting on lines, squares and dots.  The space between the lines is not as much as that of Arabic designs. These designs cover your hands, arms like a fine mesh.  

Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

Pakistani mehndi designs are a combination of complex versions of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. These designs are also much detailed and are worn by brides on mehndi, wedding. Even children wear simple edition of these mehndi designs on Eid festival.

We have a large collection of mehndi designs for you. Hope they will be helpful for you while selecting designs of mehndi for applying on any occasion, especially on Eid day.

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