Lip gloss is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy shine and sometimes subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid. It can be completely clear, translucent, or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, glassy, and metallic finishes. Lip gloss is often used when a girl wants to have some color on her lips, but does not want an intense, solid lip color effect. Lip-gloss has its own way in adding luster to light one's smile.

Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and may be applied in different ways. It can be contained in a small cylindrical bottle and applied with a rounded or sloped applicator wand or with a built in lip brush. Or it can come in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be passed over the lips or applied with a fingertip or lip brush. Solid or semisolid glosses come in boxes and tubes and sometimes blur the distinction between lip gloss and lip balm. 

Choose lip gloss according to the color of your lips. As the name goes, lip-gloss generally seeks to provide a glossy effect to the lips. Don’t apply too much, if you have applied too much just use a tissue between both the lips and smack them to remove excess gloss.

If we had to choose the ultimate Lucky beauty product it would have to be lip gloss. We're fanatics, extremist, and in summer, we go even crazier than usual for it—lip gloss has that casual style that makes you feel beachy and pretty and relaxed.  

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