Men didn't use to be so concerned with their hair, but time has changed. More and more men are opting to go for a stylist or visit their local hair salon specialized in men grooming, rather then a routine barber visit.

Last year men’s hair styles were focused on appearing as polished as possible, where nary a strand was out of place. You’ll be happy to know that men’s hairstyles for 2011 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. That means you can look forward to working with any natural waves in your hair and making fewer visits to your barber. 

For this year 2011 models and famous people have decided to change the look and make the cuts and hairstyles that are famous like spikes, long hair, short hair, stylish hair, curly hair etc. Some of the men’s hairstyles for 2011 are going to be discussed here. Go ahead and dare to experience a new look to fashion.

Men’s Short Hairstyles:
Short hair style has its own special place in fashion as it is normally supposed to be the style of the sober and sophisticated class. Choose one that suits your face. 

A Stylish, trendy Low Maintenance Haircut:
For a guy with an oval or slightly long face, this is a fun option. The style is cut close on the sides and back all the way up to the point where the head starts to round at the top. A bit of styling paste is used on top to create separation and texture.

Spiky Touch with Design Lines:
For this unique style, the hair is cut with a number two blade on the sides and back and a razor is used on top to add touch. The style is made more edgy with the addition of two design lines in the side of the hair. Pomade is used to add texture and shine.

A Timeless, Low Maintenance Classic Haircut:
For most men, with this style you really can't go wrong. The hair is cut to about one inch all over the head and worn with just a bit of styling paste for separation. The short all-over length doesn't give you many styling variations, but this is one style that's appropriate for any lifestyle and it's so easy to do.

Guys wash their hair way too much. We really encourage guys to skip the shampoo, go right to the daily conditioner and scrub it properly and leave a little bit of natural oil behind. And that ends up being the best base -- not having super-clean hair. The idea that you’re letting a little natural oil work into the hair seems to be helpful not only in how the hair looks but in their ability to style it.  

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