COLORFUL NAILS - beautify your hands - Stylish Nails Tips

Nails are made of a protein known as keratin. These not only beautify the appearance of fingers but also protects from external vigorous pressure at the terminals. Nails have to be handled with great care like trimming, filing etc. here are some nails tips.

Firstly, your nails should be healthy. And if they are soft then soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes daily.

Avoid nail biting; it gives ugly look and unpleasant feelings. 

Rub the clove of garlic against nails continuously; it will make the nails strong.

Coat your nails with vitamin nail color; give it shiner and better look.

If you use nail polish often then after two or three continuous applications give break. Because the nails oxygen should be cut off after nail polish application and their color is changed from pinkish to yellow or become dull.

Do not use dark colored nail polishes with out base coat because after removal these leave the color of pale yellow on the nail palate and give ugly look when not to be polished. 

Craving for a 'wow' effect in your look? It's time to indulge your beauty sense with the colorful nail art designs. Give your nails a modern twist by combining versatile shades. The ideal color palette to work with includes the most up-to-date brights, flirty mattes, stylish and chic neutrals. 

How to have colorful nails?

There are many types of colorful nails polishes available in the market. Therefore you can choose any type of color. The choice of color is not easy task because it’s difficult to choose a color from a large collection of colors. Therefore when the females go to parlor then they have a hard time in selection of color. There are many types of colors present but some colors are very important. The one of the most important question is that how to select a color? There are many ways to select an appropriate color. Some times the choice of color depends upon the mood of a person. Some people select the color on the base of color of their dress. For example, if you are wearing a dark red dress, darker colorful nails would suit you and make your hands more beautiful and stylish. 

Mostly girls always prefer the pink nail polish for their nails. The pink nail polish is mostly used in the world. There are different types of shades present in each color you can select any shade of your choice. You can see in the market lots of colors nail polish like matt, shimmer and other transparent nail polish. But always choose the nail polish according to your skin matching.

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