Fashion!!! Firstly it was just a word, but now it is becoming a trend for all. Without it we feel incompleteness. It adds colors, joy in our lives. When we talk about fashion, first thing which comes in our mind is dress. We should choose dresses according to season and our features. Summer always brings light & soft prints of the dresses in the light stuff. In summer prints you usually see flowers, leaves, cool features etc. Stuff is also made up of light and airy material; you will feel very light and comfortable while wearing them. Summer clothes are great for any active lifestyle. From shoes to sunglasses and shorts, you'll love the sun and spring with this great summer clothing.

Choosing a color to wear is the most important. In summer choose light and soft colors. They will make you more beautiful and presentable. The latest fashion tip for the summer is the summer dresses which come in layers. . . Looks girly at the same time stylish bringing out the child in you! 

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