Mausummery Winter Collection 2012 - Latest Pakistani Fall / Winter Fashion Designer 2012 Mausummery Collection

Mausmummery is the woman's clothing line that offers exclusive range of clothing for women of all ages. There are new fashion line was launched by Ayesha Mausmummery Mansoor Ahmed in Lahore in 1997 and its been 15 years who are serving their customers with the best costumes. Satisfection customer is your number one priority and each customer is satisfied with the clothing brand Mausmummery this impressive fashion.

Each season comeup with something new for the ladies of Pakistan as well as for international clients. Mausmummery introduces new fashion ideas and now inspiration for many designers new to the market.

Mausmummery autumn / winter 2011-2012 collection for the season consists of a beautiful design and color. Beautiful embroidery work done more flashy clothes and dress up games too. See incredible Mausmummery Fall / Winter Collection for women.

Firdous Linen Winter Collection - Latest Pakistani Fashion Designer 2012 Firdous Winter Collection

Firdous Cloth Mills is a major exporter of textiles from Pakistan. Firdous Textiles is a symbol of fashion, style and quality. They do not compromise the quality of fabric quality and highly professional team ensures that the fabric is compatible with international quality standards.

Firdous Textiles serves Pakistani women and suits their needs in order to "Firdous clothes." Since the season, clothing Firdous introducing newer designs on the basis of the latest fashion trends.

This winter, too, Lino Firdous launhced his winter collection. This collection of winter is long pajama shirts chooridar, which uses a combination of bright colors in this collection makes an impressive and remarkable. See the fine collection of winter clothing Firdous 2011-2012

Latest Bridal Collection by Nauratan 2012-11 - Pakistani Fashion Designer Nauratan's Bridal Collection

Nauratan fashion boutique based in Karachi clothing line owned by fast-growing fashion designer Sadaf Tariq that professional is a doctor. Sadaf Tariq enjoys working in fashion design and it is his passion. Main reasons Naurtan fashion house to the popularity of his work is impressive bridal door. The label offers Nauratan wedding formal wear, designer semi-formal, informal, and ready. Nauratan The label can be found in boutiques in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Naurtan have recently released their stunning winter collection for women. These teams are very well designed and very good color scheme was used which makes the dress more attractive and ideal for the winter season. See the following collection

Deepak Perwani Romance Collection 2011-2012 - Latest Fashion Designer Deepak Perwani's Wedding Collection

Deepak Perwani designer is very popular in Pakistan. Deepak Perwani began his career at age 20 in 1994, began with the male line and introduce something new in Pakistan related to wear men's fashion. Later, in 1996, Deepak Perwani launched a line of women's clothing and opened its flagship store in Karachi Zamazama.

Deepak Perwani philosophy and clever sense of design has become a fashion icon and fashion house into a source of inspiration for designers in Pakistan and abroad. Beautification minimum and a perfect fusion between East and West makes him one of the most important designers in Pakistan.

When Deepak was 23, was chosen to take the brand ambassador for the World Gold Council, and at 28, was on the Board of Governors of the School of Fashion Design Pakistan elected connected DFSW HALL OF SEWING PARI SYNICALE Senne. He also won the prestigious Lux Style for style guru of men and industry award in the same year.

Sign Deepak Perwani represents the power and confidence of men who is the statement claimed in the design of most men Deepak Perwani. Below Deepak Parwan latest collection of stories of men and women.

For Contact Information About Outlets
Outlets In Pakistan

16-C Zamzama Commercial Lane # 4, D.H.A, Karachi.
Phone Number: +9221 3587 7371

Park Towers Outlet – Karachi
Gr 8a, Ground Floor, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone Number: +9221 3582 4625

Park Towers Womens – Karachi
Shop 309, 3rd Floor, Clifton.
Ph: +9221 35831627

Islamabad Outlet:
MELANGE, Outlet 6, Street 41, F6/1, Islamabad.
Phone Number: +9251 328 23891

Flagship Store – Lahore
12/C1, Gulberg III, M.M. Alam Road, Lahore.
Phone Number: +9242 3571 2409

Handsome Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi Wedding with Gorgeous Faha Makhdum - Wedding Photos And Videos Of Aisam Ul Haq And Faha Makhdun

Pakistani AISAM ul Haq Qureshi player has finally married his girlfriend Faha Makhoom in Lahore Garrison Golf Club on Saturday. The newly married couple was engaged in July of this year. The wedding day of AISAM Ul Haq wear Sherwani gold with a rose gold on the front pocket, AISAM arrived in a silver Mercedes decorated with "Just Married" and "Congratulations" written on it. Various personalities from all sectors attended the event. It is worth mentioning that the former is twice partner AISAM, Rohan Bopanna, also arrived from India to attend the wedding.

Maria B. Collection Of Winter 2011-2012 - Latest Pakistan Fashion Designer Maria B Dresses

Maria B Designs is the brand most famous and most popular in Pakistan. They are also one of the largest providers manufecturers and fashion apparel for women in the United States and Europe.

The brand of designer Maria B. , which includes graduates from Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD). After graduation, Maria B. launched her fashion label in 1999.

Because of their brilliant work and impressive, their designs are to be loved by women around the world the pride of the great fashion designer.

Maria B. responsible for Casuals, grass, evening, wear Western clothes, wedding door and all kinds of fashion accessories, and fashion jewelry. Its line of cotton covers essentially pure cotton, khaddar, lawn, embroidered clothing and cottons. Her line offers cotton clothes ready to wear fashionable and affordable prices. While Maria B. The line includes semi formal evening wear, a little more formal covers and Resham, glass and silk chiffon embroidered with fine Georgette. Formally, however, offers a perfect preparation for wedding needs, this line consists of hand silk embroidery and heavy jamahwars crystals and Salma DAPKA (Eastern traditional embroidery).

Lakhany Winter Collection 2011-12 | Latest Wintery Collection by Lakhany Silk Mills

With innovative designs and modern cuts Lakhany Silk Mills bring their splendid winter 2011 and 2012 collection in stores. The first collection was introduced cotton fabric there called Bright Winter 2011-12 Collection. This collection includes khaddar batiste fabrics and patterns. Designed with embroidery on neck and sleeves and breathtaking views. The collection is distinguished from other winter collections published this year due to the unique blend of colors, embroidery and style. The brochure is the famous model Fouzia Aman. Check the complete collection Lakhany Silk Mills Beautiful winter 2011-12 here. Lakhany beautiful Winter collection 2011 | winter collection Lakhany Silk Mills all rights belong to Lakhany Silk Mills Lakhany Check Collection Winter 2011 shines with Ayyanar here View collections last fall / winter 2011 here

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